Concrete Decks and Porches

Some of our customers choose a different route for their Monroe outdoor living. Instead of building a raised wooden deck, they prefer building a concrete deck or porch.

Wood and concrete both provide a stylish way to enjoy your property, entertain, and relax. Their surface is the same from a practical point of view. But there are important differences.

A concrete deck or porch typically sits at grade. They require less structural support and can be built anywhere you want – next to your home or elsewhere. Hardscape decks and porches can be built in any shape you like, using interlocking pavers or concrete slabs.

At Monroe Deck Builders we bring our experience and make a professional job to your concrete installation. This is especially true during the preparation and planning drainage. A number of natural and artificial factors can interfere here. We take all factors into consideration and fix all issues. Landscape changes, grade work, irrigation lines, lawn corrections, leveling, and even light excavation. Our prices are reasonable and you will have a safe deck, permanently free of dirt, moss, stains, and mildew.

Even though concrete is cheaper than wood, it doesn’t mean it has to look boring. You can get its durability and enjoy our expert techniques to make your backyard look just the way you want.

Today, concrete design for porches, decks and patios in Monroe can have a smoother finish. We will sandblast it or do acid etching. We can even combine both.

We can add color to the concrete mixture before pouring it. Once poured, we can stamp certain patterns on concrete, such as brick, stone, tile, or even wood. Your concrete will be truly customized when we mix these two techniques. We will help you choose an imprint and match it to soft and natural color choices such as beige and soft peach or light to medium gray.

We can also score the concrete, using square patterns. This is ideal for large span projects.

We can also stain your concrete for additional protection against the elements. This way, sunlight, rain, and other harshness of nature will not fade its color.

An increasing number of Monroe homeowners are upgrading their property by using concrete. It is durable and surprisingly versatile. You can shape it and craft colors and texture too. It is easy to maintain, especially when treating it properly.

Concrete makes for great porch flooring as well. The porch greets every visitor to your home, so do not discount its power to increase curb appeal. A nice front porch can add value to your property, along with creating a nice liveable space.  It is a great investment. Call our office and we will give you a free quote so you’ll know the cost to build a deck before you start. When you search for “deck builder near me” look for Monroe Deck Builders, we’re near you.