Outdoor Kitchens

Do you dream of having an outdoor kitchen, complete with grill and appliances? At Monroe Deck Builders we have built countless outdoor kitchens all over Ouachita County.

Monroe homes have seen a rise in outdoor kitchens. Our climate offers a good return on investment when it is time to sell the home. Outdoor kitchens are functional living spaces. They allow us to unwind with family and friends after a day at work. It is the perfect spot to cook and entertain.

Designing outdoor kitchens in Monroe is quite open to imagination. What would you like to build on your outdoor kitchen?  From a smaller grill with countertop space to a custom-designed kitchen, full of integrated appliances. Grills, counters, sinks, freezers, refrigerators, and plenty of storage. We have built them near pools, within gardens, on patios – anywhere you wish, really.

As outdoor kitchen contractors in Monroe, we have done every type of kitchen you can imagine. Our experience has given us a few pointers we always install in outdoor kitchens:

– First of all, we always add low-voltage lighting to the backsplash and under the countertop. Sometimes clients want to grill after the sun goes down and the cooking space should be usable and secure.

– The same goes for electrical outlets. Any outdoor cooking station should allow typical kitchen appliances, a TV to watch the game while grilling, or even a portable fan for the hotter days.

– We always add a vent in the back of the BBQ structure. Should the gas line leak, a vent allows gas to escape into the yard rather than stay confined.

Our customers are usually split into three types.

The first type uses their outdoor kitchen informally and gathers family and close friends, around 10 people or so. They use it for a few times per year in special gatherings or occasions. The space they have available is somewhat limited but we can fit a built-in grill, some side cabinets allowing for counter space, and even some seating.

The second type of customers around Ouachita County uses their outdoor kitchen for special occasions such as family birthdays and anniversaries. They usually host up to 25 guests, multiple times a month. They have space for additional amenities too, usually an entire wall or an L-shaped kitchen design.

The third type of Monroe customers often hosts extra large gatherings – bigger parties and family reunions. There are more than 25 people at a time a couple of times a week. Their outdoor living space is functional and enjoyable. They have space for an outdoor pizza oven, a fire pit, or even a fireplace. There is a larger seating area for more guests, a bigger grill, a large sink, separate storage and prep areas, refrigerator, waste receptacles, and so on.

Of course, not everybody fits these criteria – and that is fine! Constraints usually arise from space availability or budgets, but they also involve the kitchen shape, its location, water availability, and so on. These constraints stimulate our in-house architects to create and innovate.

We offer several outdoor cabinet material choices, such as starboard, PVC, and wood. We also build cabinets in different sizes and types to fit your home’s architectural style. Our outdoor cabinets are durable and affordable.

We also offer several countertop types and finishes as well. Granite, marble, concrete, tile, slate, among others. We do not recommend polished stone finishes because they reflect sunlight and always look dirty outdoors. Instead, we recommend flamed, honed, and broshed finishes.

We will guide you to find the perfect balance between durability, cost, and beauty. Call our office and we will give you a free quote.