Patio Covers

A porch cover could be a simple structure to cover your porch and protect it from the weather. They do much more than that.

In fact, few things are more American than a community connection forged by front porches. Looking all the way back to the pioneer days, we would help each other with ranching and protection when necessary. Heading to the front porch makes for a great way to socialize and reconnect with your neighbors.

New Monroe homes don’t seem to have those grand porches of yesteryear, and that is sad. On the other hand, it is easy to change that.

You can take your Monroe outdoor living to the next level. Your back porch could have a cedar porch covering, for example. Sip coffee in the morning, pop a wine cork or crack a beer open in the evening. You can even improvise a home office or “dine out” sharing cheese and bread over candlelight.

You can also watch birds and squirrels with your children or enjoy an outdoor porch swing. Both scenarios will create beautiful memories and family moments. They can also play under the cover when it is raining outside, away from the TV & tablet but still close to your eyes.

A porch cover also adds curb value by enhancing your home attractiveness and comfort. Porch covers also allow you to reduce utility bills by shading the area directly outside your home. Shading your porch also protects your belongings from excessive sun. Especially fabrics, carpets, curtains and furniture.

As our satisfied customers know, our porch covers in Monroe follow all Monroe building codes and restrictions. We get all building permits, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our designs follow your home’s architecture and design, so it looks like it was always there from the start. The roof above the new porch will follow the existing roof design and match its rise and run or pitch. The roof covering is usually the same material. A case could be made for a metal covering because some people like the raindrop sound on a metal roof.

Regardless of your budget, your porch cover can transform your Monroe home. Your front door or rear entry can both benefit, and even a side door opening out to the garden. Blazing summer sun and temperamental weather will no longer rule how much time you spend outdoors. A porch cover in Monroe can also create a nice place to entertain because it will be comfortable and it can be enjoyed year-round. It will feel like an outdoorsy extension of your home.

As Louisiana contractors, countless satisfied customers can vouch for our porch cover services. Your satisfaction is the best insurance for our future business. We receive many new referrals through past customers. We will not upsell you unnecessary products and services – we are here to simply serve you. Call us for a free quote.