Swimming Pool Decks

Pool decking is much more than a trim around your pool. In fact, they are one of the best upgrades you can make for any pool. A good deck can transform your simple pool into your own backyard resort. It is like having a special retreat at home.

Installing a deck for your pool in Monroe can make your pool a fun and safe environment, while also being a durable addition to your property. We have experience working with commercial and residential customers.



At Monroe Deck Builders we have built pool decks made of wood decking, vinyl, concrete, and other materials. It all depends on your taste and your budget. Our past customers no longer need to deal with a backyard turning into a mud bog. Their guests will not slip in wet grass. And their property looks quite extraordinary after they have worked without in-house architects.

We can build decks for in-ground and above-ground pools. Concrete, tile, brick pavers, and stone are good choices for in-ground pools.

We can create an area big enough to position pool furniture around the pool. Beds, chairs, tents, or even gazebos. It all depends on how you use your pool. Some clients only require a small area for a few objects. Others want more space, so they can sunbathe and receive guests under the summer heat. You may or may not want to have shade as well or add plants and shrubs to mix the nature around the pool. It will be like having an outdoor living room in Monroe.

Poured concrete can be affordable and it doesn’t have to look bland. The buzzword here is decorative concrete. You are free to mold concrete in any shape you want, dye it in many colors, and even imprint and stamp patterns that look like stone, wood, bricks, or marble.

Stone decks also allow for a wide variety of colors and styles, but it costs more. On the other hand, it blends well with nature and gives your pool a natural feeling.

Tile decking and brick pavers can make your pool decking look unique at a mid-priced alternative. Just avoid glazed tiles because they could get slippery when wet.

With above-ground pools, we usually choose structures that are more portable and less permanent. The best choices are composite material decking and wood.

Composite materials resist rotting and are easier to maintain, however, their initial cost is higher. Wood is more affordable but you must keep up with ongoing maintenance costs, applying sealant, paint, or stains.

We can build you a deck that wraps around the pool, creating a walkway space. It will also feature a waist-high fence to prevent accidents. The pool area will look more structured and fuller, as well as support the walls of your pool.

We can also add light fixtures around the pool if you plan on using your Monroe pool deck at night.

You can enjoy your backyard resort with us. Call our office and we will give you a free quote.